I Solve The Nation's Gang Problem.

The first thing we have to do is issue every gangster a set of white gloves. Maybe not every gangster, but as many as we can.

Hang with me until you see where I'm going here.

We also need to give them a pistol. We might have to go to ebay or something to find the right ones.

K, you ready? I'm kinda excited about this.

Duels. We bring back the concept of the duel. Norteños and Sureños facing off at 20 paces. One set at a time. We could make a few adjustments to fit in with the times of course. I think maybe the traditional glove slap to signal "game on" could be called "the bitch slap" for instance.

This may be my most awesome idea ever. The end of the innocent victim caught in the crossfire. Entertainment value. Teaching lessons to our nation's youth about how to resolve disputes like a man. Granted, the type of man who wore girly clothes and wigs, but it's definitely a step up in courage from shooting a few rounds into a house in the dark of night and then speeding away in a stolen Honda.

I mean, it was good enough for Alexander Hamilton, and he ended up on the ten dollar bill. From what I understand, many gang members like money. Perhaps the story of Alexander Hamilton could be the key to promoting this.

I really don't see any losers here. Except for maybe the guy who gets shot. Odds are pretty good this wouldn't be a change in how he would have died anyway though.

Think about this the next time you drop a ten.
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I Solve The Nation's Gang Problem.
I Solve The Nation's Gang Problem.
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