Day 1 In Socialist America. A Report From Behind The Front Lines.

I awoke before dawn and opened my wallet. I hesitated for a second. I wanted to hold onto the past for just a second or two longer.

The past where 17 year olds could be dropped from their health insurance plan the minute they contract HIV, and thereby be uninsurable for the rest of their lives. The freedom to be left to die by the health insurance company to which I had been paying premiums would be one I would never have again.   

I took out my Blue Cross card and wept. Wept for the lost profits. Wept for those with pre-existing conditions and their lost liberty. Wept for myself and my soon to be lost ability to pay for the emergency care of the uninsured through my higher insurance premiums. The uninsured  would have their own premiums now, and I wept because I would no longer would be subsidizing them through my Blue Cross plan, which made me less free somehow. 

Even though I am not currently uninsured, or low income, or burdened with any health condition other than essential hypertension managed with medication, I wept for my country, for I knew now that my life would never be the same for some reason. 

The sun rose as normal.

I looked to the east and onto this new era, and I wept some more. Like a little pansy. Or Glenn Beck. And even though the Constitution says within its first 30 words that it was written by we the people in part to promote our general welfare, and never once uses the word "corporation," I wept at this blatantly unconstitutional act.

The thought of perhaps serving on a death panel cheered me up a little. It would be fun to be on a death panel. Until I remembered that that was a fucking teabagger lie.

I called Blue Cross. They backed up their assurance that my call was important to them by not answering it. Just like yesterday. The crackly classical music that filled my earpiece over the next 10 minutes was the flint that ignited my spark of hope. The socialists had not yet conquered Blue Cross. 

The insurance companies were not yet defeated. Liberty lived. 

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Day 1 In Socialist America. A Report From Behind The Front Lines.
Day 1 In Socialist America. A Report From Behind The Front Lines.
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