His Was Not To Question Why.....

He struggled to get the proper grip around the Xanax. He wasn't sure if he could handle it. He wasn't sure he wanted to handle it. But the Xanax was there And there were needs for the Xanax.

Upward he went. Higher and higher. Above and away from the day to day minutia of the world, thinking only of the Xanax. How did it come to this point? Why was he doing this? The Xanax seemed to weigh him down as if he were carrying the entire universe beneath him. He thought about letting go and drifting towards the light.

He loved the light, but instead he beat his wings a little harder and carried on. He hoped a bat did not get him.

After what seemed like five eternities he was able to let go. To release himself from the burdens the Xanax had put upon him. He dropped it into the warm, wet cavern of darkness where it belonged and tried not to be overwhelmed by the stench of the person's recently eaten dinner. Garlic.....he was thankful he was not a vampire. Mission accomplished, the Xanax released, he went off to flutter towards the light, for he had earned it.

Two more times and he could call it a day.

At least that's how I imagined it as I looked at the label from my local CVS and its instructions: to "Take 1 tablet by moth three times a day" That's actually not too bad for those guys.

I dialed the phone to begin the transfer and settled in for what I knew would be a long wait.  
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His Was Not To Question Why.....
His Was Not To Question Why.....
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