As Much As I'm Sure You'd Love To Continue To Hear My Opinion About The Troops, I Think I'll Write About Last Week's Pill Counting Highlights Instead.

Got Some Mail About That Last Post I Did.

From The "Support Our Troops" File.

Report: Everyone Stupid.

Those In The Employ Of George Bush Are Evidently As Good At Identifying Supporters As They Are In Identifying Countries Responsible For 9/11

My Kindle Nightmare Is Over, Which Means Your Dream Reading Experience Can Begin.

Enter The Egghead

The Greatest Pharmacy Book Ever Published Is Now Available On Your Favorite E-Reader.

Every Pharmacy. Everywhere. Right now.

From The "I Could Not Have Said It Better Given All Eternity" Department

Great News For Those of You Not Yet Convinced Of My Greatness.

An Exploration Of Plastic Shows Why I Am Not A Total Communist

The Greatest Pharmacy Book Ever Published, In The Last Month Or Two, Is Now Available On Amazon.

Hey! Buy My Book!

The Death Panels Among Us.

A Civil Rights Issue I Can Totally Get Behind, Or More In Front Of I Guess.

I'm Hoping Jello Might Write Another Sequel. Before Jerry Dies Or Something.

Everything Your Fault, Customer Reports.

I Have Been Told My Hair Smells Girly.

CVS, An Everyday Miracle If You're Into Meth. Not So Much If You're Into Breathing.

A Quickie From Today's Paper.

Pro Life. Certain Restrictions Apply. Offer Not Valid In All Areas.

A Book Tease

I Think If I Were In Charge Of The Local Columbus Day Celebration....

Afterwards He Wasn't Sure It Was Worth It.

Highlights From The Weekend's Pill Counting Action

Merck Is Tired Of Grandma's Crap.

My Book Report.

Every Month Or So I Tell Myself We Cannot Go Any Lower In Our Political Discourse, And Every Month Or So I Am Proven Wrong.

Hand Shook, Plaque Awarded.

Vacation Report Number 6, In Which I Come Face To Face With A Great Beast Of The Woods.

Something Tells Me Stephen Hawking Has Never Set Foot In A Drugstore.

Report: Researchers Look Into The Use Of Marijuana To Prevent PTSD

Highlights From Friday's Pill Counting Action.