What Danced Through My Head Last Night.

In my dream the Leonard Nimoy fundraiser was critical. I was working at a hospital now. I don't know why I left my current job, or if I ever even worked at my current job in my dream world. Dreams are like that. You pretty much live in the present and don't spend a lot of time on memories while you're dreaming.

Evidently the hospital that employed me in my dream world was a non-profit, because they were really excited about the Leonard Nimoy fundraiser, as the money it was going to bring in was vital to maintaining current operations. Leonard was to give a speech, and I was able to watch the proceedings as I worked. I was probably doing something simple like filling carts. I doubt I was dosing Gentamycin or anything since I haven't done that in 17 years. I hear they have computer programs that do that now anyway.

Leonard talked and then his son appeared beside him at the podium. Leonard declared that as soon as his son told him he loved him he would release the night's proceeds to the hospital. A hush of anticipation fell over the room. You could hear a pin drop.

I worked with the same pharmacist in the dreamworld hospital pharmacy that I do in the real world. There was a lot of work to do and I was worried about getting it all done in time. I take great pride in never leaving any prescriptions for the other pharmacist to fill the next morning in the real world, and I was holding myself to the same standard as I slept. I don't know why I do this, as I always end up filling way more prescriptions than anyone else at the pharmacy. I guess that makes me kind of a sucker.

Nimoy's son refused to tell his father he loved him. Well I guess he didn't really refuse. He just stood there, silently. Like he was autistic or something. You could feel the desperation in the room full of people who would have loved Leonard Nimoy with all their hearts if that meant he would release the money and they could keep their jobs.

In the real world I don't even know if Leonard Nimoy has a son.

I looked down at the floor and it was covered with needles. Like the tips of the syringes they use to give injections. The floor was absolutely covered with them and I started to clean them up. I was more worried about cleaning up all the needles than I was about the fact that the hospital was now not to get a single dollar from Leonard Nimoy. Because I never leave work for the pharmacist that comes in after me.

Then I woke up, and it became evident once again that scotch and melatonin aren't the best combination.
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What Danced Through My Head Last Night.
What Danced Through My Head Last Night.
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