The Editor Of Pharmacy Times Has It All Figured Out.

From the mailbag:
I am at the end of my if we aren't overworked our tech hours just got cut by 10! That's about 7%....going into the flu season...are they out of their fucking minds? I truly don't understand how they expect employees to provide any customer service let alone good customer service when we are exhausted and feel completely screwed over. I am looking to switch to anywhere that does less than 1000 rxs a week. I am a quitter...I have been beat. God I hate retail and people, not necessarily in that order.
Thank you for your stories to remind me that I am not alone!

That comment came in awhile back, but in a sense I've been getting it ever since I started my little blog garden. I'm never surprised to read about the working conditions out there, but I am surprised at the number of times I see something along the lines of "I thought I was all alone"

You are not all alone. It's not just your store. It's not just your chain. The profession of pharmacy is on fire and will collapse soon if something doesn't change.

Fred Eckel knows you're not alone as well. He's the editor of the trade magazine Pharmacy Times and he's got the problem all figured out. Here's a snipit from his October Editor's Note column:

On occasion I talk to a pharmacist who has been working for a while and doesn’t feel good about being a pharmacist. He expresses disappointment about choosing pharmacy as a career, wouldn’t do it again, and doesn’t want his children to be pharmacists. Because I personally have really enjoyed being a pharmacist, I wonder whether those disappointed in pharmacy would be disappointed in most jobs. Is the problem more in their attitude rather than in the pharmacy profession?

So Fred Eckel has declared, while sitting on his perch at the University of North Carolina, that the problem in the profession

Let me tell you something Fred Eckel. When you get a thousand prescriptions out the door in a day I'll listen to what the fuck you have to say.

But it's not about getting prescriptions out the door the pompous little egghead says:

The days of count and pour, lick and stick pharmacy are going away. Pharmacists who delegate this role to technology or others so that they can help patients make the best use of their medications will be what society needs from their pharmacist. And if that is not why you wanted to become a pharmacist, then maybe you need to rethink why you are a pharmacist.

Huh. So evidently Fred Eckel wants you to have a little conversation with your District Manager that would go something like this:

District manager: We had a compliant about a lady who was very upset you did not leave the pharmacy and personally show her where the milk was.

"Excuse me, I was in the middle of figuring out the correct warfarin dose for a patient based on INR lab data. The days of count and pour, lick and stick are over. So I won't be doing any of those things anymore. I read In Pharmacy Times that it is my sole role to help patients make the best use of their medications"

District Manager: You're fired.

I hate to tell you this Fred Eckel, but no one is paying for anything other than to get the right med to the right patient. At the rate of around $1.50 per prescription for most insurance companies. Do you think that maybe that's what the problem is? Maybe that's why pharmacies have become places that need to crank out five or six hundred prescriptions a day while cutting tech hours? And expecting seven hundred a day next year? After another round of tech hour cuts? Places that give absolutely NO thought to patient care other than creating a little OBRA checkbox to cover our legal asses because patient care doesn't even pay $1.50?

No, of course not. It's all our fault. Because individual pharmacists have so much fucking control over the forces that have painted the profession into the one dollar dispensing fee and four dollar full retail price generic corner. It's certainly not the fault of any of the retail pharmacy corporations that sit on the Board of Advisors to Pharmacy Times and set the working conditions for the profession, now is it?

The whole problem is we just don't want to help patients.

You fucking prick.
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The Editor Of Pharmacy Times Has It All Figured Out.
The Editor Of Pharmacy Times Has It All Figured Out.
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