Pharmacist Immunizations. Is There Something I'm Missing Here?

So, let me get this straight.

The giant corpro-pharmacy chains would like us to take some free time out of our schedule to learn how to give people immunizations.

Hm, OK, the thought of jabbing something sharp into my customers does have a certain appeal.

And afterwards, they would like us to somehow magically make time in our workday, because there is so much free time in the average retail pharmacists workday mind you, to stop the prescription filling process and jab random numbnuts who give them $30 and decide it's time for a flu shot?

And they expect us to do this, for free? At least that's how it's proposed to work at the corpro-pharmacy that butters my bread. Not one extra dollar in my paycheck. The only incentive provided being I am graciously allowed  to take vacation time to attend the training classes.

Do they think I'm stupid, and have failed to notice the part where they get 30 extra dollars out of the deal, or do they think I'm just insane? Why on earth would I go out of my way to make myself more valuable to them for nothing in return? When I ask them, what I hear are the usual bullshit platitudes about how pharmacists, being the most accessible health care professional, are in a unique position to benefit society by setting up a front line of defense against the annual flu pandemic......blah blah blah......

Which is right of course, but, listening to that answer, I can't help but to think how corporation's willingness to help society seems inexorably linked to how much money is in it for them.

Which is why I will be more than happy to become an immunization-certified pharmacist. And volunteer my services to a public health clinic. The fact you would expect me to donate additional skills and training to you for free, corpro-pharmacy, is an insult to the profession.

Of course, there is nothing new about corpo-pharmacy insulting the profession.

And there is nothing new about the insulted professionals taking it like a pillow chomping bottom.

If you've done this, if you're sticking it to people while getting it stuck to you by the man, for the love of God please explain to me why.
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Pharmacist Immunizations. Is There Something I'm Missing Here?
Pharmacist Immunizations. Is There Something I'm Missing Here?
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