I Always Knew They Were Up To Something.

Fat. Stupid. Fat. Unwilling to put forth any effort to improve their health except to blame the nearest health care professional when they do not get any better. After they cancel several consecutive appointments that is. Mouth breathing, drool dropping, dimwitted simpletons who, given a choice between inhaling a box of ho-hos and taking a walk to the mailbox, will choose the mailbox every time. After they eat the ho-hos. And as long as "walking to the mailbox" means "riding the lawnmower they never actually use to mow the lawn to the mailbox"

Did I mention fat?

All stereotypes of the typical diabetic I am aware, but anyone in the professions will tell you they're ones that don't come out of nowhere. Now I'm not talking about the type I's here. I really think it's time we come up with another name for type I diabetes, as it is completely unfair to associate them with the type II's, which used to be called adult onset diabetes, until the epidemic of fat-ass kids swept through our nation not so long ago.

Before you say I'm being too hard on the diabetic, if you work in a drugstore, a doctors office, or a food establishment that offers unlimited soda refills,  I want you to make a list of your biggest pain in the ass customers. I have little fear in saying you'll be making a list of predominately diabetics. The diabetic has been a living mockery of the notion that people are capable of making the choices necessary to take care of themselves for decades now, but it's not just about them anymore. From yesterday's New York Times we learn this about new high-tech full body scanners, which are being installed in airports and most likely would have prevented the attempted Christmas Day terror attack on a Detroit bound airliner:

body imaging technology has its limits — the machines cannot, for example, detect objects stowed in bodily orifices or concealed within the folds of an obese person’s flesh.

Concealed within the folds of an obese persons flesh. My God. Every pharmacist reading this has a customer with the potential to smuggle enough explosives onto an airplane to set the entire atmosphere on fire. If they ever become smart enough to act in unison the diabetics could cripple the entire world economy with the possible exception of the high-fructose corn syrup industry. I don't want to live in a world built on corn sweetener and pills that guarantee you'll lose 15lbs while you sleep. We must stop coddling the diabetics before it's too late and they destroy us all.

We should also continue to keep an eye on the Germans.
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I Always Knew They Were Up To Something.
I Always Knew They Were Up To Something.
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