Here's A Fun New Years Eve Game.

I call it, "Are you smarter than a Congressman?" Specifically, Congressman Joe Barton, who, not surprisingly, is from Texas. Here are some of Congressman Barton's thoughts on global climate change, via Mother Jones magazine:

"Wouldn't it be ironic if in the interest of global warming we mandated massive switches to [wind] energy, which is a finite resource, which slows the winds down, which causes the temperature to go up?...It's just something to think about."

Wind. A finite resource. And if we put up too many windmills it will slow down the wind. The people of Texas elected that man to represent them in Congress. Something to think about indeed.

Along with why we went to all the trouble of the Civil War to keep Texas and the rest of the Stupid South in our country.

Happy New Year.
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Here's A Fun New Years Eve Game.
Here's A Fun New Years Eve Game.
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