From The "Your Government In Action" File.

First "hiking the Appalachian trail," and now this. If we don't do something soon all the hard work Bill Clinton did in establishing the Democrats as the party of sex will have been for naught:

Florida Gov. Charlie Crist's (R) office has been sending people interested in children's health insurance to a sex chat line. "In a message callers hear when they get put on hold after calling Gov. Charlie Crist, Crist transposes a couple of numbers and turns the phone number for Florida KidCare into the number you'd call for 'hot, horny girls.'" The governor's office has since fixed the error.

Desperate teenage mothers looking for insurance. And sex lines. I can't help but to think of my old friend Romius T, who I'm pretty sure used to live in Florida.
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From The "Your Government In Action" File.
From The "Your Government In Action" File.
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