Fred Eckel Proves Me Wrong.

It was about a week ago I took Fred Eckel, the editor of Pharmacy Times, to task after he implied in his column that the problems of retail pharmacy are mainly the attitudes of retail pharmacists. An out of touch, pompous, smug little ivory tower egghead I said.

But is he, really? Here's an actual picture of the "balloon box" quote from his last column:

Um, yes. Yes he is. I.....I think....(chuckle) maybe the last time this guy may have filled a prescription....wait....hold on......

I can't hold it anymore....


Hey, Fred, you ever hear of or see homeless people? You know, the dudes who stand on the corner and ask you for your change as you walk by? This may amaze you, but almost none of them aspired to do that kind of thing with their lives. Some are mentally ill.....but others....they have lost their friends, their family and their home, everything, literally everything, and are now living a life of filth and pain and misery... because they're desperate for their next fix. That is the length some people will go to to obtain narcotic medication. So while that quote of yours may be an appropriate statement for someone who lives on Mars, I would think it should be an embarrassment for anyone on Earth, and in the pharmacy profession in particular, to utter. Even more so to have published in a magazine. And featured in a way that it is the first thing on the page to grab the attention of the eye.

Or maybe you just think those people are out camping as you drive by. And maybe you really do think customers lose their Vicodin down the sink every third day.

So did Fred spend 5 minutes in a Walgreens to come up with this little brainstorm? No, and here's where it gets even better. Mr. Professor at the Eshelman School of Pharmacy at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill had to find out the extent of people's love of narcotics... at a meeting. Where a study was presented.

I almost feel sorry for him.

"Practical Information For Today's Pharmacist" proclaims the cover of Pharmacy Times, and they let Fred write the opening column in each issue anyway. I look forward to the after-action report from his next meeting, where perhaps he'll learn insurance company co-pays go up, and that makes some customers unhappy.

Goddamn idiot.
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Fred Eckel Proves Me Wrong.
Fred Eckel Proves Me Wrong.
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