Send A Coat Hanger To A Democrat Who Sorely Needs One.

I'll warn you up front this is a pure politics post. If you don't like them, just move along......

.....but....if you've ever had sex, you might wanna stick around. Or if you're one of those capitalistic types who doesn't think the government has the right to tell private companies what to do, you might wanna stick around as well. I mean, that's one of the things you teabaggers had your boxers in a bunch over in this healthcare thing. You were convinced Obama was gonna take over the entire healthcare system and be telling Cigna what they could and couldn't do with your policy, right? So you guys should be all over this. 'Cause I know you're all about freedom.

It seems as if some members of the House of Representatives got it in their heads that health reform had to come at a price. Right before final consideration of the healthcare bill this country has been waiting on for over 60 years, Representative Bart Stupak of Michigan offered an amendment that would bar any insurance company taking part in the proposed federal insurance exchange from offering coverage for abortion services. I don't mean just the public option mind you. It applies to any insurance company selling policies through the exchange. So if you're an average schlep, and you buy a policy from Cigna, well, sorry slut, no abortion for you.

Bart Stupak is a Democrat. Twenty other Democrats, all men, voted for the amendment. It passed.

It passed, and I've been fuming ever since. Like Jim Hightower says, I can handle losing when we lose, but I can't stand losing when we win. These Democrats need to be sent a message, and the most awesome phone company in the world, CREDO Mobile, is going to give it to them. They've started a petition to hold these Democrats to account, and for everyone who signs, CREDO will send each of these twenty Congressmen a coat hanger as a reminder of what they've done and an incentive to do the right thing when the final bill comes up to a vote. Awesome. I want these fuckers to wade through coat hangers on their way to the office every day. I want them pelted with coat hangers when they are on the street. I want them to be reminded of what they've done every time they go to hang up their suit.

I almost want to say I want their teenage daughters to get knocked up, but that would be bad karma, so I totally won't say it would be incredibly just if every fertile child of these guys would be forced to pop out an unwanted shortie in 9 months.

I will say I've never been so happy about paying my phone bill.

I expect all you teabaggers who were screaming about Hitler this summer to be clicking away. Along with the rest of us who are sane.
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Send A Coat Hanger To A Democrat Who Sorely Needs One.
Send A Coat Hanger To A Democrat Who Sorely Needs One.
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