Sometimes It Can Take You An Entire Weekend To Recover From A Black Friday Retailing Experience. Sometimes You're Just Lazy And Don't Post.

Tomorrow I'm Supposed To Be Thankful Because Some Indians Who Later All Got Killed Didn't Let Some Pilgrims Starve. OK, I'm Down With That.

Damn You Cincinnati Bengals.

The Ugly Sting Of Homophobia Enters My Life. Unjustly.

A Solution To The Health Care Crisis For One Lucky Lady.

Big Pharma Pud Sucking Doesn't Always Involve Drugs. It Does, However, Almost Always Involve Money And Screwing People.

Send A Coat Hanger To A Democrat Who Sorely Needs One.

It's A Short Night For Me, Which Means A Quickie For You.

Viagra Chimes In.

A Guest Post From The First Prescription Impotence Medication.

Highlights From Friday's Pill Counting Action.

My Cat Seeks Medical Attention.

From The "Interesting Merchandising Decisions" Department. Or Maybe Just A Sign You're In A Bad Neighborhood.