The Week Of Pill Counting Highlights Part 2.

It's never easy to hear tales of woe and agony, much less witness them firsthand. But the human condition is such that we all face obstacles we must try to overcome. The challenges life throws our way will not always be fair, but we have no choice to struggle on. Struggle in pursuit of the hope that someday, if not for us, karma or our creator will smile upon our actions in some way that will benefit the cosmic force that governs life. We struggle, but often unsuccessfully, and while it is not pleasurable to watch, I knew what I was getting into when I picked my profession. I was reminded of this as I walked through the door to begin my workday.

"OH COME ON!!!!! I SLID MY CARD ALREADY" The woman said as I got ready to assume the position, and my heart broke for the old wrinkly bitch. The way she summoned up the strength and quiet dignity to slide her American Express through the credit card reader again, when by all rights she should not have had to, inspired me to move forward in the struggles of my own life.

The first call I took was from a woman who wanted to know the time. She calls often and says she's blind and needs to know when to take her medication. For some reason I don't fuck with her, maybe because she does manage to tie in her insanity with pharmaceutical care, unlike a good portion of the wackjobs who get past my employer's voice mail. I did finally realize today though, that the woman takes her meds four times a day, and the store closes every night for 12 hours. I think she may be using me.

The next call I took was from a customer who wanted to know if their prescription had any refills.

"I don't see where we've ever filled that for you ma'am"

"Oh, you've never filled it, I get it through mail order. So do I have any refills left?"

I remembered the inspiration of the lady at the credit card machine and vowed to struggle on.

From the front register I received a report that someone demanded to exchange an empty box of dental floss for a new one. "It fell out, it was defective!" they said. They had also spit in it. That's why you stay in school kids, because when you're behind the drug counter wearing a white coat you don't have to be nearly as nice to people like that as that poor schlep up front had to be. You will, however, have to nervously do mathematical calculations upon receiving a prescription for 26.25ml of cefinidir and breathe a sigh of relief upon realizing that the physician's assistant absolutely walked the perfect line between the minimum effective dose of 26.24ml and 26.26ml, which would have been instantly fatal.

A person tried to pick up a prescription for their uncle who had died. Vicodin. Surprise!

As I made my exit through the store's front door to end this day's commitment to my employer, I saw the poor schlep who had to deal with the dental floss incident chase down a teenage girl.

"Ma' forgot your cash back!!"

"What? I get cash back? Wow! I didn't know that!!"

There you go, sometimes the karma of the credit card reader taketh away, but sometimes it giveth as well.


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The Week Of Pill Counting Highlights Part 2.
The Week Of Pill Counting Highlights Part 2.
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