An Accidental Artistic Lunch

I wondered why they felt the need to call it an "American" Diner as I walked by, seeing as how I was around 500 miles from the nearest international border at the time. I mean, there was really very little doubt as to what country I was in.

"Dammit!! Did I make a wrong turn and end up in Vancouver again? Wait....this kinda looks like it might be Belgium. Oh, hold on, thank God for that little restaurant there with all the flags." Those flags really come in handy when one is trying to figure out which country they are in.

Of course I was being facetious with myself. All those flags were signals that white people food was being served inside. As Sarah Palin taught us during her run to be second in command of this country, white people like to think of themselves as the only real Americans.

That was OK though. because I was in the mood for some onion rings, and nobody does onion rings like the crackers.

I had to chuckle though, when I was finished, looked down, and saw this:

I think I'm going to call it "Palm Beach County Butterfly Ballot, As Seen From Fallujah, Iraq"

Go ahead and tell me the one trying to make sure the sick don't have to make a choice between care and bankruptcy is worse. Go right on ahead and tell me that motherfucker.
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An Accidental Artistic Lunch
An Accidental Artistic Lunch
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