I Post A Video Entitled "Hard To Swallow," And It's Not About My Penis Size.

It's actually a web series pilot sent to me by my good friend, and by "good friend" I mean "person I've never heard of before in my life," Jenn Fee. It's not without potential. Take a look:

Hard to Swallow from Michelle lang on Vimeo.

My unsolicited and uninvited thoughts:

"The incident" is the key. Something so incredibly outrageous it becomes a theme throughout the whole series. How about a customer pushes Gary the Pharmacist gradually to the breaking point, and he finally snaps when he hears a question about whether a suppository should be taken by mouth, whereupon he tries to de-pants the customer to show him, in an incredibly angry way, just where the suppository should go?

Gary is then put under a restraining order stating if there are any more "incidents" in the future he goes to San Quentin. A scene with Gary in jail while prison gangs haggle over his worth in cigarettes follows. The battle to avoid further "incidents" while being pushed to the brink by customers becomes a constant. Maybe with a prison scene shown every time Gary is about to lose it.

The karate chick totally saves Gary from an "incident" by taking down an idiot customer. The customer is a Republican. Watching a Republican get taken down by a karate chick would be my favorite part of the show.

The black-haired chick can't take any more of Gary at some point and they have a huge fight. Sadly, she decides to give up her acting dreams and apply to med school. Unbeknownst to her, Gary pulls some strings to get her accepted. She finds out and one of those touchy-feely heartwarming scenes the general public seems to like so much follows.

A lot more of the Spanish-speaking chick. 'Cause that Spanish-speaking chick is hot.

Anyway, many thanks to my good friend Jenn Fee for saving me from having to come up with my own idea for today's blog post. I'll resume regularly scheduled programming shortly.
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I Post A Video Entitled "Hard To Swallow," And It's Not About My Penis Size.
I Post A Video Entitled "Hard To Swallow," And It's Not About My Penis Size.
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