From The "You Learn Something Every Day" File.

In today's mailbag:

Subject: About the Spock choice on your poll

Someone may have already brought this up...

but on your "You Must Have Sex With One," you failed to mention whether or not Spock was undergoing pon farr. Pon farr occurs once every 7 years for a Vulcan, and during that time, they are sex-crazed maniacs. Any other time, the emotions are subdued.

Huh. I gotta be honest, when I made that poll I was just thinking those ears would be kinda hot. Would totally fit the "every once in awhile you need something weird and unusual" bill. I won't tell you what my last weird and unusual was, but it wouldn't compare to a sex crazed Vulcan, that I know. Suddenly I can't get the image of a sex crazed Vulcan out of my head.

And please stop voting for Mary Ann. Simple-ass farm girl would never be good for anything other than 5 minutes of missionary and you know it. Ginger would rock your world.

Back to pharmacy soon. I promise. I still owe you guys the post about Big Pharma ghost written research papers. In the meantime go to your Congressperson's town hall meeting and scream at the top of your lungs that they are a Nazi unless they pass a health reform package that incorporates a single payer government run plan.

Single payer would save us money you know.

And provide better care.

Medicare is a single payer government run health program. Go out and try to find me some Medicare horror stories that'll compare with the ones I can tell you about Aetna.

Or Humana.

Or United Health Care.

You get the picture. Go yell at your Congressperson now.
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From The "You Learn Something Every Day" File.
From The "You Learn Something Every Day" File.
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