Random Observations From A Random Health Care Town Hall In One Little Corner Of The Country.

I've Said It Before, And I Will Say It Again This Night. I Have The Most Kick-Ass Set Of Blog Readers In The World.

It's Not A Ghostwriting By Big Pharma Kinda Night. It's Definitely More Of A Highlights From Today's Pill Counting Action Kinda Night

From The "You Learn Something Every Day" File.

A Quote Straight From Today's Headlines

I Bet I Could make A Good Housewife For Jesus.

I Buy Some Dead Kennedys, And The Experience Makes Me Miss The Dead Kennedys More.

I Post A Video Entitled "Hard To Swallow," And It's Not About My Penis Size.

I Was Going To Give You A Highlights From Today's Pill Counting Action Post, But A Republican Had To Show Up And Start Lying

The Drugmonkey Guide For Debating Right-Wing "Average Citizens" Who Totally Aren't Doing The Bidding Of Insurance Companies, At Town Hall Meetings.

You've Worked Years For This Chance. If You Let Up Now You Can Lose It All This Month.

I Live Blog My Plumbing Experience

The Friday Night Subway Chronicles, Part 2