Well That Didn't Take Long. The Bill Monning Chronicles Continue.

I wrote less than 24 hours ago that I would match the next $250 in contributions to my personal Bill Monning fund drive dollar for dollar, and you guys proceeded to blow through my money faster than anyone since my ex-wife. Unlike my ex-wife though, you have my sincere thanks. Despite what The Angry Pharmacist says about you, you've proven what I've known all along. I have the most kick-ass set of blog readers in the world.

I'm kidding about The Angry Pharmacist, but not about my thanks, or about the fact there is a bit of a crimp in my scotch budget now. So I will ask the most kick-ass set of blog readers in the world this. Do you have any ideas for what to do with rum? Because a bottle of rum is all I have in the kitchen right now, and it's looking like I'm gonna have to make do with it this week. And rum is gross.

So now that my matching contribution ploy has me on a date with Bacardi, I'm going back into the NPR bag of tricks and offering a gift incentive for your donation. Not a coffee mug or a tote bag my friends, but something far better. I know how much you like the "Highlights From Today's Pill Counting Action" posts. I don't blame you. I like them myself. So I'll tell you what. When we get that thermometer on the right hand side of the page up to $1500, you will get a "Highlights From Last Wednesday's Pill Counting Action." Last Wednesday sucked penis in the happy little pill room. Trust me, it'll be worth it. And if we get it up (get it up.....huh huh) to $2000, I will chronicle each day of the following workweek in "Highlights From Today's Pill Counting Action" form.

Yes, this means I am whoring out my writing skills, but if you're in the profession I don't have to tell you why. Did you get to take a piss at work today when you needed to? Get some lunch did ya? Do all your state-mandated OBRA counselling with each new prescription? I mean, the law says you have to offer to counsel with each new prescription, so I'm sure your employer is providing you with all the tools you need to comply, yes?

If you're in the profession you know damn well what the answers to those questions are, but if you're a member of the general public, you probably don't. Which is why the work Bill Monning did to expose our working conditions was so important. Because if the general public knew, they wouldn't tolerate it.

The way APhA does. The more I think about this the more pissed I become at APhA.

By the way, the original goal for the next "Highlights" post was going to be $1000, but as I was writing this, two contributions came in that raised our total to $960.

You guys really do rock. Now make me do some writing.
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Well That Didn't Take Long. The Bill Monning Chronicles Continue.
Well That Didn't Take Long. The Bill Monning Chronicles Continue.
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