I Put My Money Where My Mouth Is On Bill Monning. Wait. That Sounds Gross.

Yeah, as I read that headline again that definitely sounds kinda bad. I should work on that. Because as my friend Billy Watson (Link not safe for work) would say; "No Way Am I Gay"

As Jerry Seinfeld would say; "Not that there's anything wrong with that"

But this post isn't about some guy who shoots porn and writes a blog I read nor is it about my favorite sitcom that I miss dearly. This post is about the answer to the question "What the hell has a politician ever done for me?"

Because if you work in retail pharmacy, Bill Monning has most certainly done something for you.

I wrote in my last post, how Monning, a California State Assemblymember and chair of its committee on Labor and Employment, held a hearing in April entitled "Working Conditions of Retail Pharmacists: Are Workers and Consumers Being Harmed?"

Monning isn't a pharmacist. As far as I know, he isn't a member of any of the healthcare professions, but with that one hearing he assumed a leadership position in addressing the crisis that threatens to destroy our profession. Yes. Workers and consumers are being harmed. And I don't see much of anyone else doing anything about it.

Which is why I want Monning to continue his work.

Which is why I created a fundraising page on ActBlue to support his next campaign for State Assembly. Trust me, if he sees campaign contributions start to roll in from random pharmacists, technicians and other fans of pharmacy around the country, he'll notice, and he'll know why. Having dollars flow in in the political off season will also serve to scare off anyone thinking of running against him next year.

I kicked off things with a few dollars of my own and a trick I'm going to borrow from NPR. I will match whatever you choose to contribute, dollar for dollar, until the amount of my seed money is doubled. That gives you two times the punch for your contribution dollar and will take us to $750 when you stand up for the man who has stood up for your profession.

When your employer has remained seated.

When APhA is nowhere to be found.

When your state board does nothing but take your licensing fee.

It's time for us to do something, and I am prepared to dip into my scotch fund to get this off the ground.

Look, I've never asked you to do anything like this before. As much as I wanted Al Franken in the U.S. Senate, I never bothered you to ask you to part with some of your hard earned dollars. Because frankly (ha ha, get it? Frankly) Al Franken's never done anything for my direct benefit. Bill Monning has.

And your's as well. At least if you work in an understaffed retail pharmacy that puts dollars ahead of your well being and your customers safety. Which is pretty much everyone toiling for one of the chains.

It doesn't have to be a lot, Politicians love to brag about the number of contributions they get, especially if they are from regular people. Five bucks is great, and it'll be matched with five of mine.

That hearing was a gift horse the likes of which we may never see again if we don't follow up. Let's make something happen.

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I Put My Money Where My Mouth Is On Bill Monning. Wait. That Sounds Gross.
I Put My Money Where My Mouth Is On Bill Monning. Wait. That Sounds Gross.
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