I Am A Political Genius.

In my mailbox this morning:

Bill Monning to me:

I was pleasantly surprised this week to receive notice of ActBlue and PayPal contributions from around the country. I then learned that an email from pharmacists prompted the generous outreach and further determined that you are the one responsible for this wonderful pulse of contributions.

...thank you for your efforts to reach out to your colleagues and for sharing your confidence in my work with fellow (men and women) pharmacists...I do want to thank you for your work and networking.

I look forward to seeing you soon and ask you to please convey my thanks to members of your network....

Mil gracias!
Salud y Paz,

There you go my friends. I promised you he'd notice and he did. We have now drawn the attention of the chair of The California State Assembly Committee on Labor and Employment, who I'm sure now realizes has touched a nerve with that hearing of his.

Not a bad thing at all. Everyone involved give yourself a nice big congratulatory pat on the ass.

$435 more dollars and you get a week's worth of pill counting highlights.

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I Am A Political Genius.
I Am A Political Genius.
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