His Giant Pointy Nose Burrowed Into My Very Soul.

It was disturbing. Tonight's Jack In The Box mystery.  I know my diet isn't what it should be, and I always kinda knew I spend too much time with Jack,  but still...something happened tonight, and I have to admit, it kinda shook me there for awhile. 

Because there was no reason for him to know. The drive through guy. He had "chicken teriyaki bowl" up on the screen before the words came out of my mouth. Yes, I'll complete the confession here and tell you I eat at Jack In The Box....a lot. But I don't always get the chicken teriyaki bowl. I quite often get the egg rolls. Sometimes I get the appetizer sampler, because every once in awhile setting your mouth's nerve endings on fire with jalapeño is the perfect end to the masochistic experience that is work. I don't have the greatest variety in my ordering habits, true, but I don't always get the teriyaki bowl. Yet there the words were, staring back at me before they escaped from my mind into the world. The drive-through dude had nailed it, and not for the first time. It was a tad frightening. I couldn't help but wonder if  perhaps I was becoming schizophrenic, as the idea that maybe Jack In The Box was monitoring my thoughts in conjunction with the CIA and Queen Elizabeth with the latest in spy-satellite technology started to make sense. I'm not quite prepared for insanity yet though, so I had to convince myself everything was OK by finding an alternate answer. Asking the drive through dude was out of the question. Asking a question like that is very close to asking for directions, and I don't have to tell you men are honor bound to never ask for directions. It makes you look weak, and I could not let drive through dude know he had this power over me. So I started to ponder as I picked out the broccoli lying on top of its bed of rice. 

Always eat the healthiest part of a fast food meal first, as it frees you up to take in the full joy of fat and MSG that awaits you. Especially when you're as hungry as I was this night. 

Especially when you're as hungry as I was......yes.....I was starved tonight....seeing as how I had been awake 15 hours and all I was running on was a downsized Denny's omelet platter. And when I'm starving....I always get.....the  bacon and cheese ciabatta burger. An obscenely large sandwich. And I couple it with the biggest side I can find. Because I'm starving. 

The teriyaki bowl. The largest side I can find. An order for the ciabatta burger is always followed by an order for the teriyaki bowl. Drive through dude had figured this out before I did. This night I have come to the realization that the people at Jack In The Box may know me better than I know myself. I'm not sure knowing the answer to the teriyaki bowl mystery does a lot to put my mind at ease quite honestly.

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His Giant Pointy Nose Burrowed Into My Very Soul.
His Giant Pointy Nose Burrowed Into My Very Soul.
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