Dipping Into The Mailbag And Feeling The Love.

Got this one in response to my last post about Scott S. Reuben, the Massachusetts anesthesiologist who's been faking drug studies for the last 13 years:

Why don't you associate your beloved administration with these issues? Four months ago you had no problem tagging the evil Bush Empire as the cause of all your rants.

Let me guess, this administration needs some time to sort it all out right? Interesting your blog continues the same rant but you disassociate the current administration from having any involvement in the exact same activities as the last.

The anonymous one is right of course. The Obama administration has totally dropped the ball on the obvious solution to this problem. Building a time machine to travel back to 1996 to stop Dr. Reuben at the point where his career went wrong. Call the White House comment line at 202-456-1111 and demand an end to the time machine delay.

More incriminating is the fact that Obama served as a research assistant for Dr. Reuben starting in 1997. If of course by "research assistant" you mean "member of the Illinois State Senate" No one can deny the fact that the best position from which to stop a researcher from making up data is as a member of a state legislative body 1000 miles away. Yeah. This one totally falls on Obama. If he had any sense of responsibility, any desire at all to fix this problem, you'd think he'd be trying to shore up the dysfunctional agency responsible for overseeing the approval of new drugs in this country.

Except he is. To the tune of an extra $1.1 billion to go towards the review of new drugs this year. Which makes this particular hate mail kinda.....bizarre. And to think four years ago I was scared of these right wing fucks. These days....I just kinda feel bad for them, almost like I want to help them come up with an argument that is at least coherent.

Drugmonkey shakes his head and walks away, nostalgic for a time when Republicans were at least smart enough to come up with a lie. Sigh.
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Dipping Into The Mailbag And Feeling The Love.
Dipping Into The Mailbag And Feeling The Love.
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