Dear Crazed Masses, Look What IIIIIIIIIIIIIII Have.....

5 Tips That Will Get You Through The Swine Flu Crisis.

I Add To The List Of Things That May Eventually Push Me Over The Edge.

You Don't Have To Love Politics To Appreciate This Politics Post, Just Irony.

The Disintegration Of The Republican Party Is A Gift That Keeps On Giving.

Pharmacy Art Picture #4. I Call It "A Party I Wasn't Invited To"

It's A Short Night For Me, Which Means A Quickie Question For You.

Some Marketing Guru Thinks This Picture Representative Of A Typical Day In The Pharmacy.

Highlights From The Weekend's Pill Counting Action.

I Think The Last Part Of Me Died This Weekend.

Savella.™ The Wonder Drug That Works The Wonder Of Emptying Your Wallet For Little Apparent Gain.

His Giant Pointy Nose Burrowed Into My Very Soul.

Evidence The New York Times Monitors My Every Move.

Dipping Into The Mailbag And Feeling The Love.

Big Pharma Steps In To Tackle A Problem That Threatened To Rot The Foundation Of Medical Science.

I Wonder If I Sold Shares Of Stock In Myself, The Way Pfizer Did, I Could Get Away With Murder, The Way Pfizer Did?

It's A Short Night For Me, Which Means You Get A Quickie.

Good Communication Is Vital If You Are Running A Rouge State.