A Quickie From The "Our Leadership Is Wise And Just" File.

So.....need a reason why reform of our dysfunctional health care "system" has to come from the federal level, as opposed to leaving it to the numbnut hacks that tend to show up in the 50 statehouses around this country? Sure, I'll give you one. To the *cough* great state of Texas, via the Austin American-Statesman:

Give state Rep. Gary Elkins some credit for being honest.

At a hearing Thursday of the House Committee on Human Services, Elkins and other members of the panel considered more than two dozen bills related to Medicaid and the Children's Health Insurance Program.

Three hours into the hearing, Elkins asked: "What's Medicaid?"

The Houston Republican continued: "I know I hear it — I really don't know what it is. I know that's a big shock to everybody here in the audience, OK."

Actually, no, I'm not shocked at all. The words "Houston," "Republican," and "dumb as a fucking rock" seem to have a way of going together. 

He could have kept quiet. He could have asked an aide. He could have Googled it. Instead, he asked the question into the microphone in the middle of a public hearing.

This doesn't surprise me either. Texas Republicans seem to take a perverse pride in their ignorance. God forbid they come across as all uppity and book learned. 

Medicaid, for the record, is the federal-state health insurance program for low-income people and people with disabilities. Elkins is new to the Human Services Committee. However, he's served in the House since 1995, where one of the main tasks is crafting the state budget.

A quarter of the state budget is Medicaid.

Yeah. Not a lot left here to say really. 

Fucking dumbass.
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A Quickie From The "Our Leadership Is Wise And Just" File.
A Quickie From The "Our Leadership Is Wise And Just" File.
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